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Oasis Pavilion Leadership

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

At Oasis Pavilion, our success story is crafted by a distinguished leadership team, bringing a wealth of expertise in healthcare administration to Casa Grande, AZ. Led by seasoned visionaries, our leadership is committed to steering Oasis Pavilion towards unparalleled heights of excellence. Our team's collective dedication ensures a seamless and superior operation, delivering the highest standard of care and service. As Arizona's trusted healthcare destination, our accomplished leaders drive innovation and set benchmarks in compassionate healthcare. Explore the pinnacle of resident well-being with Oasis Pavilion's experienced and visionary leadership team.

Ken Opara_edited.jpg

Ken Opara

Amber Derryberry_edited_edited.jpg

Amber Derryberry

Infection Control Preventionist /

Care Coordinator

Terry Miller.jpg

Terry Miller

Assistant Administrator

George Mills_edited.png

George Mills

Director of Rehabilitation 

Nicole Arp.jpg

Nicole Arp

Director of Nursing

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